Speed Control


brake & mat system

This brake and mat system can be installed on a traditional tied stanchion sled or if brake and mat arm are bought separate, simply bolt to the original hardware.

All aluminum parts are powder coated for color and protection against the elements.

Brakes are constructed with 1 x aluminum strap with a tread bar welded in place. Brake teeth are steel strap with beveled and hardened tips. Custom tread bars are installed on all brake arms. Stainless steel fasteners are used throughout construction.

The mat arm is x aluminum strap with 1 x 1 x aluminum angle welded in place. The mat is bolted to angle with stainless steel fasteners. Mat is sized at 10 x 14 rectangle.

Mat choices of 100% Urethane sheeting, reinforced rubber, and vinyl with or without hole pattern and expanded plastic is also available.

The urethane mat is ideal for installing studs to customize control. Urethane is virtually indestructible. The expanded plastic is excellent for sprint racing. Although not as durable as the urethane, it affords tremendous control at high speeds on most trail surfaces. Mat materials maintain rigidity over the length negating the need to tie them up when not in use.

Price: $150


brake - $70 mat arm w/feet - $90




$30.00 - urethane

$20.00 - vinyl & rubber

$30.00 - expanded plastic w/edging