sleds are

constructed using a variety of materials including white ash, aluminum, assorted plastics, carbon fiber, fiberglass, urethane and epoxies.


We strive to keep the traditional lines of dog sleds while incorporating new materials to make the sleds stronger and faster. We continue to look for new and improved materials in order to improve our dog sleds.


All sleds are outfitted with brake & mat system.


tip of the month

Vet wrap can be used for an inexpensive, but excellent grip on the bow.

Using a sharp kinfe, cut the vet wrap in half, making the wrapping of the bow easier.


Our sleds retain the traditional look and style of the dog sled and our approach to sled design is straightforward and simple. We believe that perfection is achieved when nothing more can be eliminated from a design without compromising function. Our sleds are streamlined and include only essential components combined in the most effective way. We have no need to pursue appearance for its own sake. When function is achieved in the simplest way, beauty follows as a natural consequence.



Racing Sled

Utility Sled

Custom Sled