A nice handling sled made of white ash with powder coated aluminum and stainless steel  fasteners. All bent wood pieces are glued laminates using a 2-part epoxy. The sled is fitted with an ABS plastic bed. All wood pieces are pre-coated with epoxy.


The three-stanchion sled mirrors the aesthetics of the traditional dog sled while keeping the sled rugged enough for uses other than racing. The runners are made of multiple laminations of ash with a nice camber and excellent resilience.


Brake and drag mat are welded aluminum and powder coated for protection. Brake teeth are hardened steel. Although not included, fitted sled bags are available in a variety of colors and weights.


Weight: 27 lbs without sled bag


Dimensions: 20" x 36" x 102"

(custom heights available)


Price: $950 plus shipping