This sled is designed specifically for sprint racing. Construction is of select white ash incorporating laminations in the driving bow, brush bow and runners. Fastener joints are milled from aluminum stock and powder coated for protection and color. The white ash stanchions and cross pieces are reinforced with carbon fiber for added strength.


The runners are built of white ash enveloped in tri-axial fiberglass. They are available with a permanent plastic base or with a QCR system. This design allows for a very strong runner with consistent stiffness over its length resulting in excellent performance characteristics. The sled bag has been uniquely fitted to the basket to enhance performance, as well as facilitate the use of the bag.


The brake and drag mat assemblies are welded aluminum construction, also powder coated. Brake teeth are hardened steel. The runners can be removed and the sled folded.  A fitted sled bag is included and comes in a variety of colors.


Weight: 22 lbs. with sled bag


Dimensions: 20" x 36" x 102"

(custom heights available)


Price: $1350 plus shipping