Snow Hook

This snow hook is the culmination of years of looking for a snow hook that reliably would hold a large dog team. We took a little from a lot of snow hooks and came up with a snow hook that sets and holds in a variety of snow conditions. This hook tends to “plow” rather than “pop” when put to the test. The snow hook is 100% steel, welded construction with the tips hardened. The snow hook is powder coated for corrosion protection.

Price:  $65


The Ultimate Safety Knife

This simple lightweight emergency knife has proved to be extremely useful. It has stainless steel blades (an extra set in the handle) and can cut most anything. Originally designed to cut seat belts and other restraining devices, it can cut poly rope with ease to free dogs in the ultimate tangle or to “cut a dog out” of the team to load during a race. The design of the knife takes safety into consideration and can be carried in a sheath or your pocket without fear of cutting yourself.

Price: $20


The Stick

The Stick is an old, yet very efficient and simple quick release system. It is a hardwood dowel slightly tapered to facilitate the release and used with a length of rope looped through itself. We have added a safety line and pin to protect the accidental release of the stick when there is no tension on the line. This system (when used properly) is a foolproof system for tieing off a dog team. The stick is covered with a two-part epoxy and fitted with nylon loop handle with safety line and pin and is available in an assortment of hardwoods.

Price: $15


Snowhook Holder

Our unique snowhook holder is designed to facilitate the use of snowhooks. It also serves as a second driving bow which can be used comfortably. This holder is constructed of laminated ash and urethane sheeting. It fits standard sized sleds and quick connect fasteners are used to ease installation and a variety of colors are available.

Price: $95